Monday, October 27, 2008

Horror Queen Short

I spent my Sunday night getting hit in the head with a bat, being gagged and tortured and kill by my friend Shelly Martinez (wrestler AKA Selina's) It was the highlight of my week. This was for a short that Shelly was doing. If you have never been killed in a horror film I suggest to put on your 'To do list' I will post the short when it is done.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Playboy Mansion Halloween Party


Playboy Mansion Halloween Party... Check this out.... Myself, Lindsay & Steve Valentine showed our Wild side with this video soon to be a classic.

Halloween at the Playboy mansion

Last Night was the best party of the year. Halloween at the Playboy mansion. This party has the greatest decorations and setup you will ever experience at a Halloween party. We had the best time with some of our dear friends. By the way my girl Lindsay looked smoking hot as usual. Tonight she was my little devil.
Yes that's me below. Not really sure what I was dressed as but it worked.

Here is a fun shot taken outside on the mansion lawn. That is Katrina, Lindsay and Maggie

Ahh Holly was having a great time dressed as Elvis... This was at about 1:30 am

Monday, October 20, 2008

Megan Fox Interview and photo shoot

If you haven't seen my show on Comcast On Demand 'Star and Pets' you need to check out the shoot I did with Megan Fox for the cover of my Paw Print magazine. I photographed Megan with a real fox named Tanner. Click the link below to see the full video.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Billboards for Last Chance for Animals

Last Chance for Animals new Billboards located around Hollywood.
Featuring (Holly Madison and Lindsay Crolius)

Today was a really exciting day. I got to shoot the new ad campaign that includes billboards in the heart of Hollywood for 'Last Chance for Animals' 'Adopt Not Shop' is a message that we are trying to get across to all the people that feel the need to purchase a puppy from the pet store. What people don't realize is that when you buy a puppy from a pet store you loose the lives of six shelter dogs. Puppies from pet store come from Puppy mills. These are class B dealers that breed dogs under horrible conditions and then sell them to your local pet store at a low price. The pet store then sells you a high priced usually sick dog.

People you can find what you like at the number of shelters that are out there. Just about every breed of dog has a rescue. Just go online and search that breed and rescue.
Also the most important thing to remember is that when you get a dog or cat it is a commitment. Usually 10-15 years. Do not get a dog on impulse.... That is the main reason why there are so many unwanted pets in shelters.
There is nothing more rewarding then saving a life of a dog on 'Death Row' that animal does know that it was saved. They will love you unconditionally and bring more joy to your life then any other person would.
Keep an eye out for this new campaign and billboards around Hollywood. They should be up in about a week or two. The campaign features Holly Madison (Girls Next Door) who is an amazing animal rights person and has rescued many animals from the shelter. Also feature is Chef Lindsay Crolius with Stella Blue who was rescued from a life of shows and breeding.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some of my work published today.

Here are some of my photos that came out today in various magazines.
Nicollette Sheridan appears on the Anniversary issue of Westlake magazine with her two dogs Oliver and Fatty. This is one of my favorite images that I took of Nicollette.

'Dancing with the Stars' dancer Karina Sminorff is featured in my 'In Touch Weekly' feature 'Stars and Pets' Out on stands today. To see of my stars and pets features click this link.

Finally, Holly Madison opens up to 'In Touch weekly' about her breakup with 7 year boyfriend Hef. I took this image of Holly at Malibu beach last week. Pick up In Touch on stands now to read the full feature.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Guess Who Owns the Cat ?

It's time to play 'Guess Who Owns the Cat' This cats mom is a very colorful person. She was very good at arts and crafts at a young age. She also is a reality star with her own television show. Her love for Beethoven was the inspiration for this cats name. Can you guess who it is?
(click the link below to see the full photo)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hollywood Life Style Awards

Last night was the Hollywood Life magazine Style Awards. Honoring the people who create the fashion and style for Hollywood. It was a fun and short award show that took place at the Pacific Design Center.
pictured: my, Lindsay and Holly photo credit Michael Bezjian Wire Image

Pictured here: Carmit Bacher (PussyCatDolls) Holly & Lindsay

Sunday Art Day

While at breakfast this Sunday morning. Holly Madison and Lindsay Crolius decided to create some art. Click the link below to and watch the video. It was off to the Hot Rod after for a cruise.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lindsay's Favorite song (of the moment)


I have nothing to say to this... :)

Saying Hello To Lauren

Because this is my blog, I can post whatever I like. So this is a special hello to my beautiful 8 year old niece who live in New York.... We love you Lauren, Uncle Chris video

Corey and Suzie Feldman Go Veg... PETA Ad

Here is one of the last PETA ads I photographed. Corey and Suzie Feldman are amazing animal rights supporters. We did out version of John and Yoko's famous bed images. Go Veg....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Congratulations to my friend Steve Valentine for his new show that started production. 'Estate of Panic' This show is going to be off the hook. Read Below...

Estate Of Panic Begins Production Production has commenced on SCI FI Channel's new reality competition series Estate of Panic, featuring host Steve Valentine (NBC's Crossing Jordan). The show is described as television's physically and psychologically most challenging competition show yet. Estate of Panic consists of six one-hour episodes and will premiere Nov. 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. In each episode, large quantities of cash are hidden in a massive estate, and seven strangers are invited to find the money. Contestants are challenged throughout the mansion to overcome terrors, after which people are eliminated and their winnings added to the prize pot. The last person standing faces a final challenge in the Vault Room, where his or her final winnings will be determined. Estate of Panic is executive-produced by Endemol USA, of which David Goldberg is president. The executive producer is Richard Hall.


This beautiful cat belongs to a beautiful lady. This is a Bengal cat that one of the most stunning breeds. This cats owner starred in last summers block buster film that had lots of metal parts.
Can you guess who it is? (click the link below to find out)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

Tonight was 'Dancing with the Stars' I went to the show with my girl Lindsay and Holly Madison who by the way is rumored to be on the next season of the show.
Being in the audience is so much more exciting then watching the show on television. The electricity is amazing when your there watching the dancers live. Really had a fun time. Dave Boone (pictured below with Holly and Lindsay) is the writer of the show and a good friend. Dave has written just about every award show on television. Dave Rocks!

After the show we had a little dinner and ordered a sample plate for desert.... This is what showed up. Are you kidding me!!!! After pasta, salads, cheese sticks, bread etc... this showed up at the table... See what happens when you are with beautiful ladies, orders get real large. The desert was amazing. Maggianos in the Grove is a great place to eat.

Eric Roberts on Entourage

Sunday night was a great night of television. Some of my favorite shows are on. 'True Blood' 'Dexter' 'Girls Next Door' and 'Entourage' I would say that it is a tough choice of what is the best show on television... Dexter, True Blood or Entourage? Last nights episode of 'Entourage' featured the amazing Eric Roberts. Eric took the boys on a 'Magic Mushroom' ride. I can't even tell you that if you have not ever seen an episode of Entourage you must be nuts. Some people say "I don't watch television. I have no time" well you should make some time. It gives you a chance to break away from the realities of everyday life and live in a fantasy.
The shows I mentioned above feature some of the finest actors and greatest writes out today.
Next Sunday enjoy some television with your partner. ;) (pictured is Eric Roberts with one of my PAWPrint magazines) (Charlie... They took my thumb...)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Girls Next Door season 5 Sunday

Don't forget to check out the new season of E! channels number one show 'Girls Next Door' Starts Sunday October 5th. I hear it's the best one yet.

Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios

It's that time of the year again and my favorite. Halloween month started and what better way to celebrate other than 'Halloween Horror Nights' at Universal Studios. This was a special invitation only event that started with the 'Eyegore Awards' honoring stars, producers, and directors of some of our greatest horror films. We had been invited to this fun event by our friend Corey and Suzie Feldman. Corey hosted the awards show. Then it was off to the studio for an evening of death and gore. If you have never been to 'Horror Nights' it is a must...!!! (pictured above) Me, Lindsay my girl and Corey Feldman. That is the original spike used in Lost Boys..
Bill Mosley was awards for his amazing body of work in some of today's unforgettable horror film. One of my favorites is 'House of a Thousand Corpses' written and directed by Rob Zombie. (pictured below) Me and Bill Mosley with his Eyegore award.
Corey and Suzie always look great together. This is about our 30th mile of escalators for the evening.
(Below) Me and Lindsay, She looked so great tonight...
(below) A very unlucky visitor who was really 'Thrown Under The Bus' Halloween Rocks!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008