Eric Roberts on Entourage

Sunday night was a great night of television. Some of my favorite shows are on. 'True Blood' 'Dexter' 'Girls Next Door' and 'Entourage' I would say that it is a tough choice of what is the best show on television... Dexter, True Blood or Entourage? Last nights episode of 'Entourage' featured the amazing Eric Roberts. Eric took the boys on a 'Magic Mushroom' ride. I can't even tell you that if you have not ever seen an episode of Entourage you must be nuts. Some people say "I don't watch television. I have no time" well you should make some time. It gives you a chance to break away from the realities of everyday life and live in a fantasy.
The shows I mentioned above feature some of the finest actors and greatest writes out today.
Next Sunday enjoy some television with your partner. ;) (pictured is Eric Roberts with one of my PAWPrint magazines) (Charlie... They took my thumb...)