Dancing with the Stars

Tonight was 'Dancing with the Stars' I went to the show with my girl Lindsay and Holly Madison who by the way is rumored to be on the next season of the show.
Being in the audience is so much more exciting then watching the show on television. The electricity is amazing when your there watching the dancers live. Really had a fun time. Dave Boone (pictured below with Holly and Lindsay) is the writer of the show and a good friend. Dave has written just about every award show on television. Dave Rocks!

After the show we had a little dinner and ordered a sample plate for desert.... This is what showed up. Are you kidding me!!!! After pasta, salads, cheese sticks, bread etc... this showed up at the table... See what happens when you are with beautiful ladies, orders get real large. The desert was amazing. Maggianos in the Grove is a great place to eat.