Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios

It's that time of the year again and my favorite. Halloween month started and what better way to celebrate other than 'Halloween Horror Nights' at Universal Studios. This was a special invitation only event that started with the 'Eyegore Awards' honoring stars, producers, and directors of some of our greatest horror films. We had been invited to this fun event by our friend Corey and Suzie Feldman. Corey hosted the awards show. Then it was off to the studio for an evening of death and gore. If you have never been to 'Horror Nights' it is a must...!!! (pictured above) Me, Lindsay my girl and Corey Feldman. That is the original spike used in Lost Boys..
Bill Mosley was awards for his amazing body of work in some of today's unforgettable horror film. One of my favorites is 'House of a Thousand Corpses' written and directed by Rob Zombie. (pictured below) Me and Bill Mosley with his Eyegore award.
Corey and Suzie always look great together. This is about our 30th mile of escalators for the evening.
(Below) Me and Lindsay, She looked so great tonight...
(below) A very unlucky visitor who was really 'Thrown Under The Bus' Halloween Rocks!!!