Photographing Rock Stars

Steven Tyler Wearing Elvis's Shades
Let's talk about this photograph I took of rock legend Steven Tyler for my Shades of Elvis tribute book.
This photograph was taken backstage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles Ca. Do to Steven's busy touring schedule I had very limited time to photograph him. While Aerosmith was on tour passing through Los Angeles we set up this shoot before the concert. I only had his dressing room area to set up a shot. Steven had this great material backdrop hanging by his prepping area so I thought it would make for a great vibe. 
Lighting I had two lights on this shot. I set up my main strobe with a medium soft-box off to Stevens right side in front at face level. You can see that is most of my light on him. I then wanted an accent light behind him on the left side. You can see this the most  the outline of his hat and left shoulder. That back light also helped in lighting the back drop. I always like using little accent lights as they bring out so many little things that we would not see if it wasn't there. You see the slight light on his left cheek as well as the rim of the glasses on the left side. This accent light was very small with a hard direct hit. 
For the Shades of Elvis book I shot everything in black and white from start. I really did not want color photos from these shoots. I wanted to stay true to the concept of the book. 
You can see more of these photos in the 'Shades of Elvis' book available at