Priscilla Presley & Christopher Ameruoso Collingwood Canada

It was a wonderful week for 'Shades of Elvis' Priscilla and I had been invited to be special guest at the 20th Anniversary of the Collingwood Elvis Festival in Canada. The crowd of between 30-40 thousand people flock to the little quaint town to celebrate the life of Elvis Presley. 
Priscilla and I were treated with the warmth and hospitality that I have only witnessed in Canada. The streets filled with joy. People laughing, dancing, singing and enjoying everything Elvis. 
Priscilla and I had done several signings and meet and greets. The crowds of people that showed up for each one was truly flattering and it was a great feeling to be recognized for this special project  'Shades of Elvis'
The opening of the festival was filled with a crowd of over 15-20 thousand people. Priscilla and I where on stage to greet the crowd and talk about 'Shades of Elvis' We both had been presented with the key to the city of Collingwood by the mayor of the town. It was a very humbling experience. 
Seeing lines of people waiting for you to sign your creation was something I will never forget. Of course people were beside themselves getting to meet Priscilla Presley and have her take a photo with them. 
Collingwood has really made an impression on me and I look forward to returning and enjoying the celebration of the greatest entertainer to ever live Elvis Presley. 
My greatest selfie photo is at top and will be one of my favorite photos to cherish forever.