Def Leppard - Kiss tour 2014

What an amazing night and show put on by both Def Leppard and Kiss at the Los Angeles Forum Tuesday night July 8th. Both bands where on their mark and a packed house was for sure showing their appreciation. There's nothing like standing in the pit at a live concert and being able to capture some great moments from the performance. 
Def Leppard with their chart topping songs please the crowd one song after another. One of my all time favorites 'Love Bites' just really took me back to a place that was really special for me. Kiss electrified the crowed with there fire bombing & light spectacular. It was the Macy's 4th of July show all over again. One thing for sure at a Kiss concert, I could watch Gene Simmons all night. His energy and animated moves are beyond entertaining. 
If you have this double headlining tour coming through your town be sure to get tickets and enjoy a great entertaining concert. If your looking for singing to tracks and 50 dancers on stage look elsewhere.