Crazy week of photo shoots

What a crazy busy week it has been. Photo shoots every day this past week. I got to work with more Icons and Legends this week. The begining of the week I photographed the skate boarding icon 'Tony Hawk' at his offices in San Diego. Tony was so cool and came on set riding his board. He was totally honored that we are featuring him in the Elvis tribute book as I was to photograph him. 
I also photographed another legend mid week 'Mr. Peter Fonda' What a trill it was to meet and photograph Peter. I could have spent the entire day there with him listening to his stories one in-particular he told me is when he played football with Elvis. What a great guy and very funny. He had a smile on his face from the time we got there til we left. 
Another fun shoot was with my friend of many years and a person who changes lives everyday 'Jillian Michaels. I photographed Jillian for the Elvis tribute book and she looked killer hot with Elvis's shades on. 
In between I also shot for my OK! Pets page and those shoots included Julie White from the Transformer movies and also photographed Ricky Schroder. I love when I get crazy busy weeks it keeps the creative energy flowing. I have many other great photo shoots lined up for this month and will be posting about them. Have a great Sunday - TCB Christopher