Thanksgiving day with The Turkeys and Pamela Anderson

My wife Daniela and I spent our Thanksgiving morning with Pamela Anderson and her boyfriend Jon Rose at Gentle Barn eating at a special table we made for the rescue turkeys there. We ate and fed the Turkeys Vegan Pumpkin Pie and enjoyed the time with the Turkeys. It was a people and turkey sit down :) with no living creature being eaten. It was so much fun. Pamela and I had a chance to spread the word about people becoming more compassionate and try a Vegan life style. We had a lot to be thankful for by having the chance to help get out the massage for the Turkeys and all the animals that can't speak for themselves. Pamela has truly become a voice for the animals. Her amazing and compassionate heart has really shined through in the past years and she has become a crusader for the animals. Next year maybe you can hug a Turkey instead of eating one. -Peace Christopher Ameruoso