Daniela Ameruoso photo shoot

Okay, here is a new shoot I did with my beautiful wife Daniela. This one should fill your days with color. For all you photographers that email me all the time asking about lighting here is how this one went down. Believe it or not most of this is natural light. It is about 5 pm the sun was not directly in the room but it was fairly bright. I used a fill flat panel strobe light that was 650 watts. It was not facing Daniela directly but off to my left side and the panel light was facing up and away from her. It was just enough to give me that extra light that I needed.

As you can see later in photo-shop you can really punch things up. I was very pleased with these images and the lighting and color. Email me if you have any other questions - Peace Christopher Ameruoso casuree@earthlink.net