1950's Fun At Homes

Daniela and I love the 1950's style diners so much we decided to create one in our place. With the help of our friend John McEanneny we started from scratch and built this beautiful diner. The furniture was custom made by a company back in New York, American Chairs. All the extras are a mix of new and old. There are authentic 1950's items all through the diner including: toaster, view master, drive in movie speakers, milk shake maker, iron and magazines. It was a really fun project for us and we enjoy ever minute in the diner. The 50's was an amazing time for many people and we like to keep that time alive.
So with new diner came a new shoot with the beautiful Daniela. Sporting the 1950's dress and scarf these photos are really fun and a great addition to hang in out diner.
Peace- Christopher