Smith and Pyle Rock Spaceland in Silver lake

Okay if you never heard of Smith and Pyle put it on a list of things to find out about. Actress's Shawnee Smith (Saw I, II, III, Becker etc.) and Missi Pyle (Big Fish, Willie Wonka etc) have created what they like to call 'Smith and Pyle' a mix of bad ass country and rock music. I was in Joshua Tree when Smith and Pyle recorded their first record (that you need to purchase) and when I was listening to them lay down tracks I knew they had something so unique that people would be hooked.
Smith and Pyle performed last night in Silver Lake at a club called 'Space Land' a great little live music club and blew the house down with their nearly one hour set.
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Above photos: Wanted poster I shot for Smith and Pyle, Shawnee Smith at Space Land, Missi Pyle at Space Land, Sara, Me and Missi, Sara, Shawnee and Me