Valentine Shoot

Okay so that time of the year is coming once again.... Everyone get ready to break your wallet for those over priced roses, dinner and candy. It's gonna be Valentine Day in a month. Now don't get me wrong I'm a pretty romantic guy... I love to treat my lady like a princess when there is one in my life. This year I thought I would celebrate with my art and treat all of us out there that have been through some bad relationships with a fun time photo. I call this photo 'Mend A Broken Heart' Yes that is the real way to fix a broken heart by having my dear friend Shelly Martinez stitch it up with a huge nail and florescent hot pink string. Truly it is that easy. Closer to Valentine Day I will post the step by step instructions on just how to stitch the right way.

Peace out all you beautiful people. Christopher :)

Feel free to copy this photo and share it with your friends and family.