Crazy Emotions

Today is a crazy emotion day for me. Not really sure what I'm feeling. Sometimes it seems hard to connect with people other times it is real easy. I know that I only want a certain type of person in my life now. That I'm really sure of. So while I'm going through my confusing state I can be creative and turn to the only soul that is always there for me. Stella Blue my 11 pound Chinese Crested.
I don't know if you caught Mikey Rourkes speech the other night at the Golden Globes but on his list of thank yous he thanked his dogs the ones here now and the ones gone. When he started to thank them the audience was laughing and chuckling I know that Mikey wasn't doing it for a laugh it was a true feeling that he was sharing. When he proceeded to say that when you are alone your dogs are and will always be there for you. The audience's tone then changed realizing that Mickey was serious.

Mikey was 100 % right they are always there for you.... Let's celebrate our pets today.