Back In Action with Taryn Manning

I have said it before and I will say it again. I really love my job and I feel blessed that I get to do what I love to do. Today I did a shoot for my 'Stars and Pets' In Touch Weekly page with my dear friend and amazing actress and singer Taryn Manning and her new pup Penguin. The fact that I get to sit and talk with such talented people about their pets is truly fulfilling to me. Taryn and Penguin did a wonderful job today and the photos are truly special. Taryn and I talked about how much our pets just truly mean to us. Taryn also passed a remark today that I loved she said "Our dogs never ever judge us" How true is that. If us humans could only learn a thing or two from our pets.. Ahhhh..

Look out for the photos soon in 'In Touch Weekly' in my 5 year running 'Stars and Pets' page just look for me and Stella Blue up in the corner of the page.

The above photo was taken today of Taryn, Penguin, Stella and I on the set of our shoot.

I used a new very talented makeup artist today as well and I was thrilled with her work.