Life Changing Experience

Tonight is Sunday December 21st 2008. The past 8 days have been some of the hardest days of my life to deal with. I have been in the most pain I have ever experienced. Personal issues are always hard to deal with. I wanted to share a very special experience that I had tonight.
Jesus Christ Superstar has been an inspiration for me ever since my parents took me to see the Broadway play back in the late 70's. It was that performance that truly started me in music. That was how my band was born with my three brothers. I was raised on Jesus Christ Superstar one of the most amazing Rock Operas ever created. With all my pain in the past 8 days I wasn't sure I would attend the show that was being performed in Beverly Hills with the original Jesus Mr. Ted Neeley. with the tickets I had purchased about a month ago. A couple of days ago I reached out to a friend to see if I would be able to meet Ted Neeley and interview him. I was granted the interview that day. This was now my excuse to make sure I attend the show. 5:30 this evening when I arrived at the theatre Ted was not there yet. I was waiting back stage with a full group of crew and cast. When the backstage door opened and Ted walked in he came directly toward me as if he knew me. I have never met him before or had any communications with him so this threw me off how he knew who I was. He said my name and invited me in his dressing room to talk. At this point I was trying to keep my composure and emotions under control due to the Pain I have been through in the past few days. I was now sitting back stage with a person who had inspired my life creatively and this I can say with certainty. Ted pulled up a chair and sat face to face with me and I started my interview. We talked about all things pertaining to the success and the fascination with JCS after all these years. Ted had asked me about some personal things about my life so I knew that he had done a little research on me as well. Ted sensed something was bothering me and a certain question and his answer triggered my emotions to run ramped. He then reached out and grabbed me and held me with such passion a calm feeling came over my entire being. He had such great words of encouragement and wisdom that I immediately felt at ease. This was a very special moment for me.

When Ted was called to the stage I knew this night was going to be extra special for me. The show began and I felt as if I was the only person in the entire theatre. His performance and the performance of the entire cast was truly amazing. I didn't want it to end. After the show I waited with my friends for Ted as he told me to leave my personal things in his dressing room as he wanted to see me after the show. When he came out he gave me another hug with the same passion as he did earlier. We talk for a bit and I left with my friends. I know that Ted is now a special person that will be part of my life. This was the start of something creatively special as well. When I returned home tonight I still had the same empty feelings that I have been having all week but with a brighter outlook. Tonight was what I needed to help me on the road to repair. Mr. Ted Neeley has performed the role of Jesus most of his life and has truly been able to transpire a very special relationship and connection with everyday people. He has touched me with his presence, his grace and personality and I truly feel blessed. Thank you Ted for a very special life changing experience.

(Double Click on the photo to view larger and see the passion in Teds eyes)