Silent Night Bloody Night

If you have been wondering I have not been on blog for a few days. I have been in the world of editing. We shot 'Silent Night Bloody Night' on Saturday of last week. I have been cutting the film ever since. The short film is in it's final stages and will be up online in a couple of days to view. All of us involved are very proud of this project that was done with a very small group of very creative people.

Steve Valentine and Lindsay Crolius gave a truly wonderful performance. I'm proud to say this is my directing debut for a short film and I'm damn proud of it. Our Director of photography Dave McCoul pulled of the great shots that really give this short the look we wanted. Producer Inna Korobkina really pulled everything together. All of us involved are looking forward to our next film and future projects.

We know all you horror buffs will enjoy 'Silent Night Bloody Night' check out the website in a couple of days at