Paul Ryans Plus Size Beauty contest ACME Threatre

Wow, My Sunday night was out of the norm for myself and Lindsay. Instead of the usual TV night of 'True Blood' 'Entourage' 'Dexter' etc. I was invited by my dear friend Debra Skelton to be a guest judge in the Paul Ryan 'Plus Size Beauty Pageant' at the AMCE Theatre in Hollywood. Can I tell you this was an experience of my life. Each contestant who are played by real actors gets a chance to show off beauty, brains and talent as well as a swim suit challenge. I have to say these are some of the funniest improve actors in Hollywood. The audience was filled with celebrity guests as well a cheering crowed. Paul Ryan host the contest with brilliant questions for each beauty. If you have never seen any of Pauls shows it should be on your 'list of to do things'
Check out Pauls site at:
pictured above: comic, Sandra Valls, Paul Ryan, Debra Skelton, myself and Katrina Kinzler
pictured above: Paul Ryan questioning me about the beauties.
Pictured above: a Q&A with one of the beauties who later proceeded to smear a hard boiled egg on my arm and then lick it off... It was one of the most disturbing things I have ever experienced.
Finally my love with a beautiful rose.... Very different from the photos bellow.