Friday, January 28, 2011

Beautiful Week

With this amazing weather we have been having in California I thought it would be the perfect time to take my beautiful wife Daniela to the happiest place on earth for her first time. So we pact our things and grabbed our dear friend Debra Wilson and headed to the magical land. It was one of the best days already of this short year. It was amazing to watch Daniela enjoy Disney for the first time as we all did as children. It was 80 and sunny. The park was not even half full and the day was perfect. If you have never been to Disney it must be put on your bucket list. -Peace Christopher

OK! magazine weekly page Denise Richards

OK! 'Pet Friendly' on stands today featuring the beautiful Denise Richards and her rescue pooches. Denise gives these dogs a wonderful home and cares for them as if they are her children. Keep up the good work Denise. On Stands now! -Peace out

Thursday, January 20, 2011

OK! magazine feature this week with Haylie Duff

Out today on stands now! OK! Pets my weekly page starring Haylie Duff and her beautiful rescue Birdie. Haylie and her sister Hillary have been rescuing pets for years. I really enjoy these shoots the most. These are the ones that I really get to see the joy in these rescues eyes. Every animal no matter how big or small understands what they had been subject to.
I will say what I say always, I love my job. - Peace Out- Christopher Ameruoso

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ok Magazine Feature this week, Melinda McGraw

Check out my OK! magazine weekly page starring the beautiful Melinda Mcgraw and her pooch Jasmine. -On Stands now! - Peace Christopher

Thursday, January 13, 2011

1950's Fun At Homes

Daniela and I love the 1950's style diners so much we decided to create one in our place. With the help of our friend John McEanneny we started from scratch and built this beautiful diner. The furniture was custom made by a company back in New York, American Chairs. All the extras are a mix of new and old. There are authentic 1950's items all through the diner including: toaster, view master, drive in movie speakers, milk shake maker, iron and magazines. It was a really fun project for us and we enjoy ever minute in the diner. The 50's was an amazing time for many people and we like to keep that time alive.
So with new diner came a new shoot with the beautiful Daniela. Sporting the 1950's dress and scarf these photos are really fun and a great addition to hang in out diner.
Peace- Christopher

Behind the scenes photo shoot with eric Roberts

Had a great shoot with the amazingly talented actor Eric Roberts. It was a fun shoot. Eric and his wife Eliza are great animal people and they have many rescues that they have opened their home to. Eric and Eliza have been huge supporters of animal rights and can be seen at many animal events showing their support. Keep up the great work. - Peace Christopher
Pictured above: Behind the scenes photo.
Daniela Ameruoso and Eric Roberts
Christopher Ameruoso and Eric Roberts

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ok Magazine Feature this week, Taryn Manning

Happy New Year all. I hope you all had a wonderful, blessed and happy holiday. What a great year it will be for all of us. I'm happy to start my new year with my OK! magazine weekly feature OK! PETS with star Taryn Manning with Penguin and Monkey. Thanks for all your emails and support through 2010 please always keep those emails coming and I try and return each one and always remember to be kind to all living creatures. We are all equals and deserve equal respect. Peace out- Christopher Ameruoso