Wednesday, December 26, 2012


What an amazing year it has been for me with my photography and photo shoots. My OK! Pets feature is doing very well and getting to photograph people each week with their animals is always a thrill. 
The Elvis Tribute book is moving along incredibly and the amazing talent that I have been able to photograph to date to be featured in the book has been a dream come true. It has been a crazy ride to date. The year has come to an end and what better way then to photograph the amazingly talented and most warm and generous person I have come across in Los Angeles Johnny Depp. Johnny will be featured in the Elvis tribute book wearing Elvis Presley's personally owned sunglasses. The book is slated to be out August 2013. 
The entire project itself has been very touching for me as I'm getting to see and feel the love and respect that people have for Elvis Presley. I have to thank the most beautiful woman Priscilla Presley for being part of this project and help my dream become a reality. 
I'm excited for you all to see the finished product in 2013. Happy New Year to everyone and remember TCB - Peace Christopher Ameruoso
pictured above: 1. Me and Johnny Depp 2. Me handing Johnny the Elvis glasses for the first time 3. behind the scene photo 4. My beautiful wife Daniela with Johnny


Hope everyone had an amazing holiday. Wanted to share my OK! Pets page out today in OK! magazine. Today we feature Shanola Hampton from the very funny show 'Shameless' Pick up a copy on stands now

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

OK! Pets with Kathryn Fiore & Lilly

My Ok! Pets page this week features (Wedding Bands) Kathryn Fiore and her beautiful Lilly. Catch Kathryn on TBS. Pick up a copy of OK! today. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


This week in my OK! Pets page in OK! magazine we feature star of 'Happily Divorced' Fran Drescher and her little Esther. Fran is convinced Esther is from another planet. Pick up a copy today on stands and read about their bond. Also tune into 'Happily Divorced' on TV Land. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


What an amazing week it has been so far. I had a photo shoot with the amazing Steven Tyler for the Elvis tribute book that I am in the process of putting together. I had set up the shoot with Steven at the Staples Center before his show with Aerosmith. It was such a wild time photographing Steven and watching him embrace Elvis's glasses. Just before he walked on stage he held the glasses next to his chest and prayed. It was truly a sight to see. 
We got to stay and watch the show from aside the stage and standing next to us was Johnny Depp. My wife Daniela was very excited about that. We are trying to get Johnny for the Elvis tribute book as well. Johnny did join Aerosmith on stage for two songs. It was an amazing night. Feeling very blessed.

OK! Pets Amanda Fuller 'Last Man Standing'

This week in my OK! pets feature in OK! magazine we shine bright with Amanda Fuller star on 'Last Man Standing' and her two beautiful dogs. Pick up a copy today. OK! magazine on stands everywhere.