Friday, January 28, 2011

Beautiful Week

With this amazing weather we have been having in California I thought it would be the perfect time to take my beautiful wife Daniela to the happiest place on earth for her first time. So we pact our things and grabbed our dear friend Debra Wilson and headed to the magical land. It was one of the best days already of this short year. It was amazing to watch Daniela enjoy Disney for the first time as we all did as children. It was 80 and sunny. The park was not even half full and the day was perfect. If you have never been to Disney it must be put on your bucket list. -Peace Christopher

OK! magazine weekly page Denise Richards

OK! 'Pet Friendly' on stands today featuring the beautiful Denise Richards and her rescue pooches. Denise gives these dogs a wonderful home and cares for them as if they are her children. Keep up the good work Denise. On Stands now! -Peace out