Friday, April 23, 2010

Fun shoot with Daniela in the Poppie fields

Today I did a fun shoot with my angel Daniela. The poppie fields in southern Ca are in full swing and they are something special to see. If you have the time take advantage of their beauty and just go enjoy them. -Peace out

New PSA for Last Chance for Animals featuring Maria Menounos

I knew Public Service Announcement I shot with the beautiful animal rights advocate Maria Menounos for 'Last Chance for Animals Last Chance for Animals created this amazing 'Adopt! Don't Shop' campaign to help put an end to the horrors of pet stores and puppy mills. Many celebrities have been lending there faces to this worthy message. This photo really portrays the joy we get from rescuing an animal in need.

New Last Chance for Animals PSA

Here is a new PSA (Public Service Announcement) I shot for Last Chance for Animals (LCA) This is a very important message fro everyone. 'Stop DOG Fighting' with the recent activities of the pathetic Michael Vick dog fighting has been able to be seen as the problem it really is. Dog Fighting effects everyone whether you realize it or not. One of the things that people don't know is that to train most of these dogs the owners use live bait. Most of the time this will be someones pet. Please visit and learn more about this disgusting blood sport.
Verne Troyer poses here with a beautiful Pitt Bull for the very powerful message. Thank you Verne

New Krypt Kiddie Shoot

I did a new shoot for Krpyt Kiddies with this amazing creation from them. That is my beautiful wife and Romanian/German model Daniela. This will be a poster soon so keep in touch and we can hook you up. Visit and become part of the family.