Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Brandie Roderick photo shoot

I can't even believe how beautiful one person could be. My shoot today with Brandie Roderick has again proven to me that she is one of the beautiful ladies walking this planet. Here is a sample of the shots from the shoot. WOW!!! I let you know when these run.
Peace out- Christopher Ameruoso

Where have I been?

Sorry I have not updated since last week. On Thursday of last week my baby Stella Blue did get really sick. I wasn't really sure what was going on with her and she has given my quite a scare. I have been nursing her and she is slowly making a recovery. She still has not appetite and I have to force feed her.
I'm sure she will get that back soon and live up to one of her many nicknames 'Mini Mooch'
On another note. Today I will be shooting fro the first time since Monday of last week. Today will be a shoot with the beautiful Brande Roderick.
Check the blog later tomorrow for some sample images from the shoot.
Peace Out- Christopher Ameruoso