Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taryn Manning & Boomkat

Tonight I went to go watch my friend Taryn Manning and her band Boomkat perform at the Mint in Los Angeles and shot some photos for her. Taryn is amazing on stage and has such a unique voice. Her band is awesome and the songs are bad ass.... Taryn is one of those rare people that has all around talent and lots of it. Check her music out if you never have.
Peace out-Christopher Ameruoso

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eggs Are Hatching Today

So the eggs that are in the nest on my balcony are starting to hatch today. I'm so excited to witness the entire process and watch how the mom works her nest and her babies. I will post more images as the days go on. There are five eggs total and today two hatched.
It is a beautiful thing to watch.
Peace Out- Christopher Ameruoso

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shelly Martinez Shoot

Did a shoot today with my dear friend and amazing wrestler Shelly Martinez. Shelly has amazing eyes and really knows how to pose. She looks amazing in these photos from today.
I love to shoot and create.
Peace out- Christopher Ameruoso

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday quick shoot

Ahh Monday. My friend Tess Taylor stopped by with her sister to say hello and we did a quick photo shoot. Tess is a beautiful 20 year old who will be shooting a centerfold for Playboy soon.
I like my shots. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Cruise Day

Sunday, beautiful weather in LA.... Perfect day to take the Hot Rod out. There were two car shows going on today and I hit them both. Save your pennies and get a Rod. :)
Pictured above: Me Christopher Ameruoso and The amazing talented Carmit Bachar from Pussy Cat Dolls

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Jam Party at Ronn & Devin Moss

Saturday was a blast Ronn and Devin Moss hosted a great Jam party at their amazing home. Ronn performed with his band 'Player' and it was great to hang with so many cool people.

To see more photos from the day go to my photo albums at :

Peace out- Christopher Ameruoso

I'm 15 and up to No Good

Look at me I'm 15 and up to No Good...... Holly you are so damn cute !!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Been a Few Days?

Ahh... Been away fro a few days. I have a dear friend in town from New York. My friend Johnny Mac who I have known since 5th grade is staying with me. Nice to have good friends around.
So today he came on a shoot with me and helped out. I did shoot with my friend and amazing actor Joe Mantegna Star of 'Criminal Minds' I shot Joe today for the cover of 'Cat Fancy' magazine and also an at home spread for a weekly magazine.
Here are a few photos.
Peace Out-
Christopher Ameruoso

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday, Things that are making me smile today


Okay, today is Friday and there are two things that have really put a smile on my face. First, when I went on my balcony this morning I found the tiniest birds nest with eggs in the nest each egg is about a half inch. The mom was watching over them. I was really glad she choose my place to feel comfortable enough and safe enough to lay her eggs. I will keep you up dated on the babies when they hatch.

The other the video above of my little angel Stella blue who by the way has the longest tongue and likes to show it off. Watch the video and you will See what I'm talking about. Keep in mind this went on for about ten minutes but I edited it down to one.

Peace Out- Christopher

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mascia photo shoot

Today I shot with a beautiful interesting looking model named Mascia from Italy. This woman just photographs so amazing. She speaks three languages and is learning English. Her entire vibe is stunning with the tattoos and piercings. All the shots from this shoot came out great and was really hard to narrow down.
I love what I do ;)
Peace Out-
Christopher Ameruoso -

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday at the Playboy Mansion

Spent my Easter Sunday at the Playboy mansion. Went with the beautiful Charlotte Ross and little Max the 5 year old stud. Hef host a great Easter party every year that has the best Easter egg hunt. Over 3,000 eggs are hidden on the grounds. Seems the adults get more into the hunt then the kids. I have been going to Easter there for 6 years now and there was definitely something missing this year. The presents of Holly Madison, Bridgett and Kendra. IT IS NOT THE SAME. the vibe is so different. I especially missed having Holly's smiling face. It was a great day with Charlotte and Max.
Check out more photos on my Myspace photos at
Peace out- Christopher Ameruoso

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Brandie Roderick photo shoot

I can't even believe how beautiful one person could be. My shoot today with Brandie Roderick has again proven to me that she is one of the beautiful ladies walking this planet. Here is a sample of the shots from the shoot. WOW!!! I let you know when these run.
Peace out- Christopher Ameruoso

Where have I been?

Sorry I have not updated since last week. On Thursday of last week my baby Stella Blue did get really sick. I wasn't really sure what was going on with her and she has given my quite a scare. I have been nursing her and she is slowly making a recovery. She still has not appetite and I have to force feed her.
I'm sure she will get that back soon and live up to one of her many nicknames 'Mini Mooch'
On another note. Today I will be shooting fro the first time since Monday of last week. Today will be a shoot with the beautiful Brande Roderick.
Check the blog later tomorrow for some sample images from the shoot.
Peace Out- Christopher Ameruoso

Friday, April 3, 2009

While waiting on a shoot

Sometimes when I do photo shoots there is down time while waiting for the talent to be ready. Today my friend and amazing makeup artist Hilda Levierge took some test shots of each other with my little girl Stella Blue. I really like these photos.
Had a great shoot with star of 'Roommates' Tamera Morwoy and her handsome dog Milano, named after the cookies. That will be running in my In Touch weekly 'Stars and Pets' page within the coming weeks.
Peace Out- Christopher Ameruoso

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Great day Shooting for Animal Planet

Had fun today. Shot the Animal Planet show 'Dogs 101' featuring myself and my little girl Stella Blue. My friend Taryn Manning joined us with her pooch Penguin for a photo shoot. We got some great footage and cool shots of us cruising in the hot rod with the dogs. I will keep you up to date on when the show is going to air. To check out more of the photos go to and looka the photos albums
Peace out- Christopher Ameruoso

'Dogs 101' for Animal Planet

Taping 'Dogs 101' for Animal Planet all day with my little Angel Stella Blue. It's gonna be fun :)