Monday, September 15, 2008

Last week my beautiful girl Lindsay Crolious and I had dinner with a few great friends at a Hollywood classic restaurant 'The Rainbow' Rock and roll at it's finest. After the dinner we all went to see our friends 3 Six Mafia perform at House of Blues the night ended with a police raid it was an experience. Pictured are the Girls next Door Holly, Bridget, Kendra and Lindsay Crolius on the far left

Sunday Night Talent party

Sunday night Steve Valentine hosted what we like to call 'Talent Night' party at his beautiful home. It is a group of really close friends that get together and share some fun talents. We like to include a sing along to some great 80's songs. Last night was really special as we had one of the 80's queens there singing with us. Apolonia star of Purple Rain sang some great classic songs. Steve Valentine did some of his amazing magic. These are really fun parties and if you are planning a party sometime soon you should try a talent party. It is a time that everyone can let go and just have fun. This was a fun night and can't wait for the next one.

I just released my self published book 'Best of Stars and Their Pets' this is a collection of some of my favorite images that I have taken throughout my career. I have given up on publishing books with bigger companies as you never get to see any return in your money. Book publishing companies are just as bad as the record industry was. With the success of the Internet people are able to do much more on their own. There are two ways you can find this book go to the home page at or go to and search Christopher Ameruoso under the book store section. If you are an author or photographer and always wanted to publish your work. Now is your chance. The quality of these books are amazing. Hope you can get a copy of 'Best of Stars and Their Pets' foreword for this book was done by Pamela Anderson

PAW Print magazine

If you haven't checked out my magazine PAW print the coolest little pet magazine go to: This is a magazine for every hip pet lover and owner. The magazine is going through some changes and will be back soon stronger and better then ever.

Maria Menounos gets Greener

This past week I took photos on set with Maria Menounos for her directing work for a great cause. Maria is an amazing beautiful talent and has become one of the animal movements strong voices. Maria has teamed up with Green Paws and has created this Public Service announcement on the dangers of using flea and tick powders on your pets. The commercial takes place on a dogs back inside the fur. Pictured are a few of the actors that played ticks and fleas. This was a really fun shoot and Maria is a pleasure as always. Look for Maria's show on the Green Network.

Holly Madison hangs with the Playboy mansions pups

I wanted to share this photo I took of Holly Madison star of 'The Girls Next Door' with a few of the dogs from the Playboy Mansion. We actually captured this photo by calling all the dogs at once. Thought is would be a cute photo. For those of you who don't know Holly is an amazing animal right activist. She really comes to the plate when I ask for her support. We have done many PSA's and ad campaigns for different groups including PETA.