Tuesday, September 30, 2008

(Me and You) Christopher Ameruoso video


This was one of the last songs I recorded. The song titled 'Me and You' was something that I recorded at my home studio. I decided to shoot the video one day with my lady Lindsay. We shot the video in one full day and I edited the next. Here is the result. This was done a while back but I wanted to share it on this blog. Hope you enjoy the song. I will be posting more performances soon so keep checking back.

Metal School Nite at the Key Club

Monday night is Metal School night at the Key Club in Hollywood. Steel Panther rocks the club every Monday with their 80's metal. If you have never seen this show it is a must.
Pictured: Adrian Curry, Christopher Ameruoso, Lindsay Crolius, Holly Madison

Monday, September 29, 2008

Criss Angel tattoo Christopher Ameruoso photo

Found this on Criss Angeles site. This is a photos that I took of Criss last year with his cat Hammy. One of his really dedicated fans had the photo tattooed on their arm. Wow that's dedication. At least it was my photo that was duplicated. Nice job Mr. Tattoo artist.

Toluca Lake Car show

This Saturday Toluca Lake California hosted the first car show ever on the Riverside Dr. About 150 amazing rides showed up and it was an exciting day. That is my ride 1923 model -T ford roadster. My dear friend Joe Mantegna was there as well with his amazing Buick. Look forward to next years show.

Barry Williams Hawaiian Birthday

This weekend was also another dear friends birthday. Barry Williams aka Johnny Bravo celebrated at his beach home in Malibu. A few close friends celebrated with a Hawaiian themed party. This was another beautiful southern California day. The sunset was amazing. It was also great to see that after all these years Barry is still close with his cast members from the Brady Bunch. Susan Olsen, Chris Night and Maureen McCormick joined the party. The food rocked as well. The last photo is myself and my beautiful lady chef Lindsay Crolius

Bridget Marquardt Birthday in Malibu

Happy Birthday to a wonderful and beautiful lady. Bridget Marquardt celebrated her birthday and going away party for a new trip this past week at a Malibu restaurant. It was a small group of friends and it was a beautiful warm summer night by the beach. The food was awesome and the cake rocked! Have fun Bridget....

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pet Theft is Still on the Rise

People I just wanted to remind you of the horrors of 'Pet Theft' Yes that is right people will steel your dog! Over 2 Million pets are stolen every year and sold to laboratories and puppy mills. You must protect your dog just like you would your child. Start by not leaving your pet in a car or outside a store by themselves. If you want any information on this subject please visit and support Last Chance for Animals. www.stolenpets.com

A Worthy Cause

I wanted to share this with all you wonderful animal people out there. This was brought to my attention today. Please support this cause. By the way, it is a cool ass t-shirt

Miss Do-Gooder stands up for those who can’t fend for themselves.
She will use her superhero powers to kick the butt of one injustice at a time, launching a brand spanking new t-shirt several times a year, each one tackling a specific cause.
Miss Do-Gooder’s first target? Animal cruelty. Without revealing too much about her alter ego, animals are very close to Miss Do-Gooder’s heart. No animal deserves to be abused or neglected in any way.
Other causes on her to-do list include illiteracy, poverty, intolerance, domestic abuse, global warming, AIDS, unfair trade and anything else that makes this world a shadow of the place it could be.
Miss Do-Gooder will donate 20 percent of the profits from her t-shirt sales to a specific charity that has joined with her in her chosen fight.
Proceeds from Miss Do-Gooder’s first t-shirt will be donated to the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Details of later campaigns will be revealed shortly. http://www.missdogooder.com/

Monday, September 22, 2008

Took a break from shooting beautiful people today and started a 2010 wall calendar featuring Radio the Raccoon. This is always very challenging shooting animals especially babies. They are very restless but you must have lots of Patience. I'm really thrilled about this shoot the photos are very cool and the I must say that a raccoon is one of the most beautiful creatures.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

There have been many reports lately that Pamela Anderson is not looking good and she is very tired looking. I have to come to the plate and say that we all take a bad photo every once and a while. Pamela is a stunning beautiful lady. What the public seems to miss is that paparazzi photos are candid shots. The photographer looks for the worst shot of the person so they can say that the person looks bad. It's all about timing with the images. I have photographed Pamela about 5 times and she is for sure one of the most beautiful ladies alive today. With or without makeup. Maybe that is why she is so famous around the world.
Now if we are talking Amy Weinhouse that I will agree with..... Horror show.
Peace out

My close friend Steve Valentine www.stevevalentine.com left today for a month to Argentina to tape a new show for Sci-Fi network. Sounds like it is going to be a great show. If you have never seen Steve's work you should check out reruns of the hit show Crossing Jordan on A&E Steve played Nigel the show ran for six seasons.
Steve will be missed for the month. Don't cry for me.....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How did I get in the middle of the Criss Angel and Holly Madison rumor

I thought this was great someone sent this to me today that was found on the Internet. This has to do with the Holly Madison and Criss Angel rumors. Read for yourself it was posted on http://www.scandalist.com/

Last Saturday, we learned from an inside source that Hugh Hefner’s main girlfriend Holly Madison is supposedly doing the hanky panky with magician Criss Angel, and is preparing to move out of the Playboy Mansion. Some of you questioned the accuracy of our intel, and we’re trying to get to the bottom of it. Here’s the latest.
Not Together:Holly Madison had lunch with Chris Ameruoso yesterday at Juliano’s Raw restaurant in Santa Monica. In case you didn’t know, Ameruoso, according to the Interwebs, is a celebrity pet photographer, and Holly contributes to his magazine, PAWprint. But Ameruoso is also an actor on Criss Angel’s show, Mindfreak. We know it’s a stretch, but could Ameruoso be the link between a Holly/Angel hook up?
Together:Holly took to her MySpace page yesterday (thanks Lezzy McGuire) and posted an item called “Random Rumor(s) of the week”:
Hef and I are not breaking up, either. We are PIC (Partners in Crime, lol, Kendra came up with that one). We are wrapping up Season 5 of the Girls Next Door and are looking forward to filming a Season 6.
So with that said I can tell you that I have nothing to do with the rumored Criss Angel and Holly Madison hook up.

Photo shoot day Monday

Monday September 15th was a very busy day. Running low on energy. Started shooting a calendar with Holly Madison. My girl Lindsay and I spent all day in the studio working on the shoot. Then when the work was done we all decided to put on ties and head to Dinner and the Magic Castle. If you have never been your need to go. One problem is you must know someone who is a member to get in. Ask around you are bound to find someone. Pictured here from our tie night in our serious pose. Me, Lindsay Crolius, Holly Madison, Steve Valentine his girl Inna and Bridget

Monday, September 15, 2008

Last week my beautiful girl Lindsay Crolious and I had dinner with a few great friends at a Hollywood classic restaurant 'The Rainbow' Rock and roll at it's finest. After the dinner we all went to see our friends 3 Six Mafia perform at House of Blues the night ended with a police raid it was an experience. Pictured are the Girls next Door Holly, Bridget, Kendra and Lindsay Crolius on the far left

Sunday Night Talent party

Sunday night Steve Valentine hosted what we like to call 'Talent Night' party at his beautiful home. It is a group of really close friends that get together and share some fun talents. We like to include a sing along to some great 80's songs. Last night was really special as we had one of the 80's queens there singing with us. Apolonia star of Purple Rain sang some great classic songs. Steve Valentine did some of his amazing magic. These are really fun parties and if you are planning a party sometime soon you should try a talent party. It is a time that everyone can let go and just have fun. This was a fun night and can't wait for the next one.

I just released my self published book 'Best of Stars and Their Pets' this is a collection of some of my favorite images that I have taken throughout my career. I have given up on publishing books with bigger companies as you never get to see any return in your money. Book publishing companies are just as bad as the record industry was. With the success of the Internet people are able to do much more on their own. There are two ways you can find this book go to the home page at http://www.pawprintmag.com/ or go to http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/280198 and search Christopher Ameruoso under the book store section. If you are an author or photographer and always wanted to publish your work. Now is your chance. The quality of these books are amazing. Hope you can get a copy of 'Best of Stars and Their Pets' foreword for this book was done by Pamela Anderson

PAW Print magazine

If you haven't checked out my magazine PAW print the coolest little pet magazine go to: http://www.pawprintmag.com/ This is a magazine for every hip pet lover and owner. The magazine is going through some changes and will be back soon stronger and better then ever.

Maria Menounos gets Greener

This past week I took photos on set with Maria Menounos for her directing work for a great cause. Maria is an amazing beautiful talent and has become one of the animal movements strong voices. Maria has teamed up with Green Paws and has created this Public Service announcement on the dangers of using flea and tick powders on your pets. The commercial takes place on a dogs back inside the fur. Pictured are a few of the actors that played ticks and fleas. This was a really fun shoot and Maria is a pleasure as always. Look for Maria's show on the Green Network.

Holly Madison hangs with the Playboy mansions pups

I wanted to share this photo I took of Holly Madison star of 'The Girls Next Door' with a few of the dogs from the Playboy Mansion. We actually captured this photo by calling all the dogs at once. Thought is would be a cute photo. For those of you who don't know Holly is an amazing animal right activist. She really comes to the plate when I ask for her support. We have done many PSA's and ad campaigns for different groups including PETA. http://www.peta.org/

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun Day at Disney with friends

That is why I love to have a blog that I can update. This weekend was a very relaxing weekend with good friends. You learn being in Hollywood that there are lots of very horrible people. You learn to weed those people out and spend time with people that you really care about and have fun with. Being in Los Angeles for about 23 years now I have really experienced a life time full of bad people. everyone seems to be out for themselves. Well I have feel I have found a great group of people to spend time with. These are just a few.

Saturday September 13th was Disney Land day with friends. Here is a photo taken on Saturday. pictured from left to right is Holly Madison, Ashley, Inna, Steve Valentine, Lindsay Crolius, Me and Chris. Don't forget about GOTH DAY at Disney coming in November.

Welcome to Christopher Ameruoso's Photo Chat Blog

I thought it was time to start posting my thoughts and daily goings on in my exciting world of photography. I have been photographing celebrities for about ten years now and every shoot has a very unique story. I will try to keep this blog up to date as much as possible. So please check back daily for new events and exciting things that have happened in my life. Also if you would like more information about me you can go to http://www.chrisaphoto.com/ or http://www.pawprintmag.com/